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The Visualization, Interaction and Simulation Lab is part of the Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Interaction Group at UFRGS. That group started its activities in 1978 and, at that time, was mainly concerned with the development of fundamental algorithms. Since the 80's the group has been dedicated both to education and research. It was responsible for a big project on computer aided design of digital systems, which ended up in the early 90's. Members of the group are active in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Graphics and Image Processing. Research in the 90's was mainly focused on rendering and animation, where a large number of M.Sc. students developed their thesis.

Recent research efforts include scientific visualization and image processing applications, rendering algorithms using recent graphics hardware, modeling of natural phenomena, rendering for Medicine applications, spatial data structures, virtual humans modeling and animation, 3D interaction (development and evaluation), information visualization techniques.

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Research Areas

Modeling and Rendering

Geometric modeling: data collected from 3D scanners; pose alterations; 3D photography; mesh simplification and compression; real time rendering; photorealistic rendering; visual realism in surgery simulators; applications in games and animations; modeling of natural phenomena


Study and development of interaction techniques for data and information visualization applications; study and development of 3D immersive interaction environments; multimodal applications; usability evaluation of 3D and multimodal interactive techniques.

Information Visualization

Study and development of information visualization techniques: hierarchical data, social networks scientific data, volumetric data, temporal data; usability evaluation of visualization techniques; modeling of visualization tasks;

Video and Audio Processing

Real time video capturing and processing for video-surgery; real time audio synthesis using GPU programming.

Animation in Virtual Environments

Simulation of character behavior in virtual environments; path planning in dynamic environments; animation of virtual humans and virtual communities; and signal languages (LIBRAS)

Image Processing: Image and video processing and analysis

Extraction and summarization of images and videos for content indexing and retrieval; face recognition; visual data coding and storage.

Topics of Interest and Projects

Interactive visualization

  • Volume visualization
  • Volume sculpting
  • Illustrative visualization
  • Visualization of social networks graphs
  • Efficient mesh reconstruction using marching cubes
  • Visualization of multidimensional and hierarchical data
  • Visualization of geo-referenced data
  • Evaluation of information visualization techniques

Multi-displays systems

  • Algorithms to construct multi-displays systems using different architectures
  • Visualization of large volumes of data on tiled-displays
  • Interaction techniques for multi-displays

Non-conventional interaction

Character animation


  • Real-time rendering, GPU programming, Game techniques
  • GPU Cluster
  • Image processing, Image-based rendering, Surface reconstruction from point clouds

You can obtain more information about our work by reading Current Projects on Visualization and Interaction.

See also a brief description of our Previous Projects on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interaction.

There is a list of the available Interaction devices at our lab.


For this moment, please, refer to the Web pages of each professor. We are working on a complete list of the group publications.

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  • Affonso Neto
  • Cristiano Matte
  • Guilherme Jesus
  • Juliano Franz
  • Leonardo Ponzoni
  • Leonardo Tagliaro
  • Luiza Azambuja Hagemann
  • Marcelo Vasques
  • Marcos Henrique Backes
  • Pedro Foletto Pimenta
  • Vinícius Milani de Freitas

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