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Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Interaction group
Carla Dal Sasso Freitas
Carla Dal Sasso Freitas
Status Full Professor
Group Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Interaction
Work at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Instituto de Informatica Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500. Caixa Postal 15064. Porto Alegre - RS 91501-970
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Carla Freitas obtained her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from UFRGS, in 1982 and 1994, respectively. Since 1980, she is a professor at the Institute of Informatics (UFRGS), teaching data visualization courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. During most of her career, she gave courses on computer graphics at the undergraduate level, and visualization, for graduate students. For some time, she taught also human-computer interaction and object-oriented programming. In 1996, she was a visiting scholar at International Computer Science Institute and Ernest O. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, working in the development of a collaborative system for supporting physicists' experiments at the ALS. Her current research interests are designing and developing interactive visualization techniques for desktop or immersive environments aiming at improving the comprehension of large and/or complex datasets. Application domains she is currently targeting are government open data (roll calls data from the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, the Brazilian federal budget data), geochemical simulations results (joint work with Petrobras and UFRGS Geosciences Institute) and confocal microscopy images (mice bile ducts provided by partner researchers from Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre).

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Research Interests

  • Interactive data visualization and immersive analytics
    • Visualization of multidimensional data, including multidimensional graphs
    • Visualization of geochemical simulations results
    • Volumetric visualization of confocal microscope images
  • Interaction design and evaluation
    • Interaction techniques for visualization applications
    • Multimodal interaction, mainly for immersive analytics
    • Interaction evaluation
  • Visualization applications, including immersive visualization
    • Medical applications
    • Visualization of political data
    • Visualization of simulation data
    • Biodiversity data visualization

Main Publications


  • Undergraduate courses
    • Information Visualization (since March 2009, jointly with the similar graduate course)
    • Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (~2015)
    • Human-Computer Interaction (~2010)
    • Object-Oriented Programming (~2009)

  • Graduate course (since March 2009)
    • Information Visualization

Enrolled students can access course materials at

Course notes are available upon request.


  • Current Ph.D. Students
    • Gustavo Jandt Feller, MSc 2018
    • Rodrigo Nunes Moni da Silva, MSc 2019

  • Current M.Sc. Students
    • Judith Escalante Calcina
    • Fabio Viriato Neukirchen
    • Kaline Mesquita
    • Luciano Moreno

  • Former Students
    • Artur Becker, M.Sc. 2021, now working at Aleph
    • Carlos Victor Quijano Chavez, M.Sc. 2021, now a Ph.D. student at the University of Stuttgart)
    • Marina Rey, M.Sc. 2020, now working at BairesDev
    • Lizeth Castellanos Béltran, M.Sc. 2015, Ph.D. 2020, now working at PROCERGS
    • Leandro Guedes, M.Sc. 2017, now a professor at IFMS and Ph.D. student at USI (Lugano, Italy)
    • André Suslik Spritzer, M.Sc. 2008, Ph.D. 2015
    • Francisco de Moura Pinto, M.Sc. 2007, now working at TCE
    • Isabel Siqueira da Silva, M.Sc. 2003, Ph.D. 2014, now a professor at UFCSPA
    • Francisco Gerdau de Borja, M.Sc. 2016, now co-founder of AEGRO
    • Leonardo Damiani, M.Sc., 2015, Ph.D. (University of Bern, 2021) now working at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
    • Marta B. Villamil, Ph.D., graduated 2009, former professor at UNISINOS
    • Rafael Huff, M.Sc. 2006, now working at SAP, Germany
    • Rafael Henkin, M.Sc. 2013, Ph.D. (City University London), now a postdoctoral researcher at Queen Mary University of London, London
    • Raquel Pillat, M.Sc. 2006, Ph.D. (UFRJ, 2017) now working at KIP4You
    • Ricardo Andrade Cava, M.Sc. 2002, PhD 2016, professor at IFSul, Pelotas, Brazil

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